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Telecom Solutions


ELVA-1 designs and manufactures a family of advanced wireless point-to-point LAN bridges and point-to-multipoint LMDS/MVDS/MWS solutions to connect geographically distributed LAN segments and multimedia clients to a whole network. The PPC-100 LAN Bridge links provide true Ethernet 100 Mbit full-duplex (symmetric) traffic between point-to-point locations on distances up to 14km.

100Mbps  Fast Ethernet Point-to-Point Wireless Links and its Modifications:

100Mbps Fast Ethernet Point-to-Multipoint Wireless System:

155Mbps STM-1 Wireless Links:

Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Links: NEW!

TV/IP Multimedia Wireless System (MWS)

Mm-wave E1 Links

Articles, Reviews and other
additional Info:

  1. Mm-wave links as ideal back-up for FSO (Free Space Optics) Lines
  2. CE Mark Certificate for Point-to-point fulll duplex 100Mbps link (in PDF, 240K)
  3. Press-release: Fast Ethernet bridges model range extended to new FCC 71-76GHz/81-86GHz E-band
  4. About ELVA-1 26.5 140 GHz Cassegrain Antennas (PDF 150K)