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Microwave components: millimeter wave components from ELVA-1

We ship a wide range of microwave components while most of them available from stock as OEM products. Many top names at the mm-wave industry use our OEM components to bring their quality product solutions to customers worldwide.

  • Cassegrain Antennas (dual reflector type antennas for telecom applications)
  • IMPATT Active Frequency Multipliers 26-150 GHz AFM series
  • Wideband Active Frequency Multiplier
  • Bandpass YIG tuned Filters EYF series (discontinued from June 2005)
  • YIG tuned Oscillators EYO series         (discontinued from June 2005)
  • High Power Pulsed Noise Sources PSN series
  • Precision Calibrated Solid State Noise Sources ISSN series
  • Zero-Biased Detectors, 26.5 to 170 GHz ZBD series
  • Cavity-stabilized IMPATT Diode Oscillators of CIDO series
  • IMPATT Diodes and Test Fixtures IC&IM series
  • Solid State Voltage Controlled Attenuators VCVA series
  • Directional Couplers of DC series
  • Circulators YCR series
  • Mixers BM series
  • Image Rejection Mixers of IRM-xx series
  • Digital Driver Unit with Linearization for VCVA