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Latest News and Events:

Oct. 3-7, 2005We had been taking part at EuMW-2005 (European Microwave Week)
CNIT La Défense Center, Paris.


IMS-2005 logoJune 12-17 2005  We had been taking part at IEEE MTT-S IMS-2005, Long Beach, CA.


19 March 2005
The company announced availability of Gigabit Ethernet mm-wave links for FCC E-band. These links will be promoted in US by affiliated partner ElvaLink LLC. Read press-release...

22 Feb 2005
At the conferenc
e "INFOCOMMUNICATIONS: POSSIBILITIES AND DEVELOPMENT" within Norwecom-2005 trade show in St.Petersburg, ELVA-1 director Daniel Korneev spoke with report on ELVA-1 Mm-wave Telecom Products Family.

2 Dec 2004
ElvaLink LLC successfully tested PPC-100 link at customer site in Michigan. This testing was done within promotion campaign for free trial testing available for continental USA. Read press-release...

ELVA-1 takes part in EuMW-200412-14 Oct 2004
We had been taking part in EuMW-2004 Exhibition (Amsterdam).
Read a report...

1 Oct 2004

Elva-1 announced that company R&D has developed two new point-to-point links with 155Mbit throughput. The first one has model number PPC-100/STM-1 and can transmit STM-1 stream. The second one with model name PPC-100FE/8E1 is more advanced and can transmit full-duplex 100Mbit Fast Ethernet plus 8xE1 channels simultaneously. Two optical mux units with 1xFE + 8E1 ports are included to the PPC-100FE/8E1 link kit. Read press release...
See link descriptions: for PPC-100/STM-1; for PPC-100FE/8E1.

19 Aug 2004
Elva-1 Millimeter Wave Division today announced that company has been granted the CE Mark, which represents regulatory approval for marketing the ELVA-1 PPC-100 100Mbps radio links in the European Economic Community. Read press-release...

10 Aug 2004
We have officially received ISO 9001-2000 certificate. Click here to see screen copy (issued in Russian and German).

June 06-11, 2004. We had been taking part in 2004 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, (IMS-2004) Fort Worth, Texas.

Visitors also attended our presentation: "Connecting Businesses - ELVA Family of Broadband mm-wave Radios" by Daniel Korneev, Company Director at 63rd ARFTG conference within IMS-2004.

20 May 2004
New telecom booklet about ELVA point-to-point 100Mbps radios was issued for IMS-2004 show. PDF version of the booklet is available on our website (click here to download, pdf 660K)

27 Apr 2004
Mm-wave camera single element prototype tested in ELVA-1 lab. More info...

15 Apr 2004
ELVA-1 tested early lab prototype for 1.25Gbps (Gigabit Ethernet) radio in  92 to 95 GHz band.

The early 1.25Gbps lab prototype includes modulator-demodulator pair with mm-wave up-converters and with Gigabit Ethernet cards connected to PC on an each side. All these units are performed in "on-table" waveguide direct connection design. This allows transmitting Gigabit Ethernet data stream with DQPSK or DBPSK modulation from one computer to another through these modules.

9 March 2004
ELVA's 40GHz mm-wave Fast Ethernet radio link is deployed in Riga, Latvia. This is the first mm-wave link for 40GHz-band licensed for commercial usage in this country. More info...

28 Jan 2004
New article on ELVA-1 website: Mm-wave links as ideal back-up for FSO (Free Space Optics) Lines

27 Nov 2003
New reports from ELVA R&D:
reducing noise and improving accuracy for 94GHz FMCW radar front-end, 10mW and 200mW versions
More info ...

6-10 Oct 2003

European Microwave Week 2003

We had been taking part in EuMW-2003 Exhibition. Visitors paid a great interest to ELVA's new development, including 94GHz FMCW radar.

Read a report on Exhibition...

17 Sept 2003

1-day Seminar on ELVA Communication Equipment

To meet the wishes of our customers to see ELVA telecom equipment in operation mode, we organize this 1-day seminar at ELVA's site in St.Petersburg, Russia. More over, both City-1 LMDS and City-A MVDS systems will be demonstrated in operation not in the lab but at real urban condition of big city like St.Petersburg.
More info on ELVA Seminar...

7-11 July 2003
We took part in
30th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics
St.Petersburg, Russia

30 June 2003
New product at Microwave Components section - Wideband active Frequency Multiplier.

19 June 2003
One of our leading products, the Millimeter Wave Industrial Distance Sensor, was reviewed in May issue of Microwave Engineering Europe magazine. We received the PDF copy of the article from Mrs Helen Duncan, Chief editor of MWEE. You are very welcome to read the article from our website (PDF, 42K).

13 June 2003
We received a jpg copy of a small announce our Cassegrain antennas at May issue of in the IMS-2003 issue (May issue) of Microwave Journal.
You are very welcome to read the announce from our website (JPG, 48K).

8-13 June 2003
We took part in IEEE International Microwave Symposium
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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