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Telecom Solutions

  • Point-to-point 100Mbps Wireless LAN Bridge (Full-duplex Fast Ethernet Link)
  • Hybrid Point-to-point "100Mbps FE + 8xE1" Link.
  • 155Mbps STM-1 wireless link with fiber optical interface
  • Point-to-multipoint 100Mbps Wireless "City-A" System (Full-duplex LMDS), in PDF 460K
  • 40.5-43.5 GHz DVB-S Point-to-multipoint Broadcasting "City-1" System (in PDF, 380K)
  • PPC 1E1/2048 Radio Basic 1xE1 mm-wave links for 40.5-43.5 GHz band
  • City-1 TestKit  (PDF 210K) Try your Multimedia Wireless System (MWS) with this fully functional testkit

  • Industrial mm-Wave Solutions

  • ULM-11/ULM-31 Level Measurement System

  • Pulse Noise Radar Front-End 80-100 GHz

  • FMCW Radar Front-End 10mW
  • FMCW Radar Front-End Low-Noise 200mW (for Airport Ground Control)
  • FMCW 94GHz 10mW Millimeter Wave Distance Sensor

  • mm-Wave Measurement and Instrumentation

  • BWO Fast Sweep Oscillators of G4-143x series
  • DPM-xx Power Meter series

  • Frequency Synthesizer (GPIB Controlled)

  • MMW Power Modulated Sources of SPM series

  • SMW series Swept Signal Oscillators

  • Power Supply for BWO Tubes

  • Microwave components

  • Antennas dual reflector cassegrain type

  • Tubes 33-170 GHz BWO

  • Sub-mm BWO Tubes 180-1100 GHz OB series

  • IMPATT Active Frequency Multipliers 26-150 GHz AFM series

  • Bandpass YIG tuned Filters EYF series

  • YIG tuned Oscillators EYO series

  • High Power Pulsed Noise Sources PSN series

  • Precision Calibrated Solid State Noise Sources ISSN series

  • Zero-Biased Detectors, 26.5 to 170 GHz ZBD series

  • Cavity-stabilized IMPATT Diode Oscillators of CIDO series

  • IMPATT Diodes and Test Fixtures IC&IM series

  • Solid State Electronic Controlled Attenuators VCVA series

  • Directional Coupler DCV series

  • Circulators YCR series

  • Mixers BM series

  • Custom-designed equipment

  • Set of Six Downconverters 70-140GHz Band for EFDA-JET
  • 95.0 GHz Transmit-Receive Module for EPR Spectrometer

  • Digitally Controlled 24-channel ECE Radiometer for Plasma Electron Temperature Measurements 78.5 - 114.5 GHz

  • 32-channel Radiometer for Plasma Electron Temperature Measurements 113-153 GHz

  • Sweeping Heterodyne Radiometer 120-180 GHz

  • Real-Time Frequency Analyzers 90-140
  • Real-Time Frequency Analyzers
    120-180 GHz

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