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About ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division

Founded in 1993, Millimeter Wave Division of ELVA-1 is a research and production company with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. Among business on computers and telecom sales and services, the company also focuses on the development of high-tech industry automation solutions.
ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division is registered in St.Petersburg, Russia. The ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division currently employs more than 25 staff in Russia, at company office in St.Petersburg.

The Millimeter Wave Division expands the ELVA-1 activity to the research into millimetre and sub-millimetre wave technology. The Division co-operates with a range of highly proficient manufacturing facilities within the former Soviet Union, who produce components with unique performance characteristics. Through its Millimeter Wave Division, ELVA-1 now makes this technology available to customers around the world.

ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division is the supplier of unique millimeter and submillimeter-wave components, subsystems and solutions at 16-180 GHz frequency range and devices for higher frequencies up to 1200 GHz. We produce and ship product in the following areas:

  • IMPATT Diodes
  • Backward Wave Oscillators (BWO)
  • Cavity Stabilized IMPATT Sources
  • Active Frequency Multipliers
  • Cavity Stabilized Gunn Sources
  • Voltage Controlled Sources
  • Noise Sources
  • Voltage Controlled Attenuators
  • Ferrite Circulators and Isolators
  • Directional Couplers
  • Waveguide Transitions,
  • Bends and other waveguide components
  • BWO Generators
  • Matched Loads
  • Balanced Mixers
  • Detectors

Since year 2000 the company aggressively expand its product range to mm-wave telecom products, such as 42GHz, 60GHz and 94GHz transmitters and receivers, antennas with high gain factor and other advanced products. Applications for these products include mm-wave industrial measurement systems, 10\100Mbps Ethernet wireless LAN bridges, MVDS out-door units (transmitters and receivers), and LMDS communication systems, radar front-ends, microwave level sensors, spectroscopy equipment and other innovative areas.

ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division also serves the global mm-wave market as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Many top names at the mm-wave industry use our OEM components to bring quality and cost effective product solutions to their customers worldwide. The company sells large volumes of high-tech OEM components and equipment to businesses, specializing in industry automation solutions. For more information of OEM range products please visit OEM page of this website.

The list of our customers includes major names at science and research all over the world: JET (UK) - biggest tokamak in the world, General Atomics (USA), National Institute of Standard and Technology (USA), TRW (USA), FOM Institute (The Netherlands), University of Kiel (Germany), Centre D'Etudes de Cadarache (France), Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics (Taiwan), South-West Institute of Physics (China), Siemens, CERN - Accelerator in Switzerland, Max Planck Institut fur Plasmaphysik, Australian National University, Cornell University (USA), Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK). An each year we add new top names to this impressive list.

To find out what our customers saying about ELVA's products and services, please visit references page.